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Are you looking for some easy work-from-home jobs? Online jobs that don’t require any special skills, are easy to do as a beginner, and pay well! Data collection jobs fit the description.

All you have to do is snap photos, or record audio or video according to the work specifications. These are incredibly easy tasks that don’t need any special expertise. If your phone has a good camera, you can easily do them.

What are data collection jobs?

Data collection includes simple tasks that require you to submit data in the form of images, videos, or audio. You will be given detailed instructions on what data to collect, how to collect it, and what quality standards to meet.

All instructions will be provided in advance, and you must collect the data precisely as instructed.

Type of Data Collection Jobs:

These are some types of data that you will be asked to submit:

1.) Images Data Collection:

image data collection jobs
  • Selfies, your photos from this year or previous years, photos of you doing a specific activity alone or with others,
  • Screenshots of apps, websites, etc. in a specific language,
  • images of the particular types of home appliances, vehicles, roads, etc.
  • images of banners, posters, business documents, newspapers, magazines, etc. in English or any other particular language.

Images of pretty much anything can be requested, but you will be given all of the specifications. One of the most important things to remember is that all images should be original, taken by you, not taken from the internet.

2.) Speech Data Collection:

  • Audio recordings of you saying particular sentences as instructed. The employer may offer these sentences in advance, or you may be asked to create them on your own, in any language.
  • Audio recordings of interactions between you and friends or family members.
  • Recordings of specific appliance sounds, etc.

Employers may request audio recordings from specific sorts of people (such as those who stutter, or people from a particular region like south-east Asian, African, etc.) or in a specific language.

You must therefore choose which project is best for you. Recordings with the least amount of background noise are preferred.

simple tasks that pays well

3.) Video Data Collection:

  • Selfie video, your video of doing a specific activity or saying something in a specific language, alone or with others.
  • Videos of specific objects, vehicles, etc.

You must strictly follow the instructions when recording the video. Quality standards must also be strictly adhered to.

Equipment required:

You don’t need any high-tech or expensive equipment to collect data. You will require the following items:

  • A laptop or smartphone with a good camera and microphone. (If you have a camera and a professional microphone, then it’s like the icing on the cake; otherwise, you don’t need to buy anything; your smartphone will suffice.)
  • Good internet connection.

Things to keep in mind while doing Data Collection Jobs:

There are some things that you must keep in mind to perform better in data collection jobs:

  • You must always know the aim of data collection before submitting data for such projects. How and where will the data be used by the employer?

The majority of sites that offer data collection jobs claims that the data will be used to train AI/ML algorithms (websites like Appen). However, you should always exercise caution and never provide personal information to any website.

things to keep in mind while doing data collection jobs

Normally, you are not asked to provide your personal or identifiable information for data collection jobs; nevertheless, if any job requires you to share such information, such as your ID cards, etc., I would advise you to avoid such jobs because they can jeopardize your safety.

  • You must strictly follow the instructions when collecting data. Data should be collected in the way requested and submitted in the format specified.
  • Quality standards must be met; otherwise, your data may be rejected. Make sure to record audio in a quiet environment with as little background noise as possible.
  • Always submit original data; never submit data gathered from the internet.

You must have understood what data collection jobs are and how you will do them properly.

Now, you must be wondering where to begin. Where can you find Data Collection jobs? Don’t Worry! I will tell you the top websites to find data collection jobs. Let’s get started:

Top websites to find data collection jobs:

Top websites for data collection jobs

1.) Oneforma:

OneForma is an online platform that offers a variety of flexible work-from-home opportunities. They also provide a variety of data collection projects with competitive pay rates.

If you are seeking crowd-working websites, OneForma is one of the best options. This website is highly recommended; you should absolutely try it.

Sign up for OneForma Here!

2.) Appen:

Appen generates or improves data that is utilized in the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

It is a platform that provides freelance projects including data collection. You may select any project according to your eligibility. And start making money.

But their pay rates are very low. This is the reason that I rarely do any data collection projects on Appen these days. However, it can be a good starting point for you.

Sign up for Appen Today!

3.) Upwork:

Upwork is a good freelance platform where you may find a wide range of job opportunities. Data collection projects can also be found here.

Check to see if you can find the best one for you: Upwork

4.) Neevo: is an online platform where users may earn money by doing simple tasks like translation, transcription, data collection, etc. The issue with neevo is that it rejects a lot of work.

You can sign up for Neevo Here!

5.) Clickworker:

It is also an excellent website for earning extra cash. Clickworker also provides multiple opportunities to earn money online by completing a variety of microtasks. They offer data collection projects as well.

You should also check out this website.

6.) People per hour: is a global marketplace that connects small businesses and freelancers. Here you will find several interesting data collection projects.

Check it out right now!

7.) Lionbridge/TELUS International:

TELUS International offers flexible online jobs with great pay. They also give few data collection opportunities.

Visit the Website Here!

Data collecting is a simple task. It is good to make some extra money. You should sign up for these websites as soon as possible and see if there are any projects available to you.

If you want to learn more about earning money online, go here!

Best wishes!

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