NodeJS Weather ForeCast Mini/Minor Project Free Download

NodeJs Weather Forecast minor project for free.

If you are a student in the Computer Science field and want to make a minor/mini project then you are in the right place. We have the project done for you on web development on which you will get a weather app ready for you. You can watch our videos if you wanna build that by yourselves. So our Mini/Minor project for CSE/MCA/BTech/B.E will be on Weather Forecasting based on Node JS.

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Weather ForeCast Web Development Minor Project Based on NodeJS


Whole Project is live on:

About this NodeJS Weather ForeCast Web App Mini/Minor Project

Well, it is created by Manjula while pursuing her MCA in the 2nd sem. It is a weather forecasting web app that simply forecasts weather information. It is created by solely Manjula, no other people are involved. At the time, when the project is made NodeJs is in Trend. So, this project is on new and trending tech.

Time Taken to build this project is 15 days.

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What this Project do

It tells us about 3 things:

  1. How is the weather, like clear, sunny, etc.
  2. Tells about Temperature in Celsius.
  3. Rainy or not, what is the percentage of rain.

Requirement Specification

Hardware Requirements

Below are the Minimum Requirements to work Smoothly without Interruptions

Processor1.6 GHz or Faster Processor
Disk Space8 GB of Available Hard Disk
GraphicsDirectX-9 Capable Video Card
Display1024 * 768  or Higher Resolution
Software Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 7 or Higher
Front EndHTML, CSS, JS
Back EndNode JS
Text EditorVisual Studio Code
Web BrowserGoogle Chrome
APIWeather Stack API


  • Home
  • Weather Stack API
  • Data Input
  • Search
  • Output

It is a Home Page, whenever a user opens the app, it will be redirected to Home Page. It is the First Module of the App as well as the first page or window. All the Other Modules are also defined there. It is the backbone of all other Modules.

Weather Stack API

It is the API by which we get the Output of the Search item or location. It is the backbone of the whole Project. A web API is an Application Programming Interface for the Web. It collects the input Data then process it and searches for the location entered by the user and then processed the Output.

Data Input

The user has to enter the geographical location or coordinates of which she/he wants to know the weather status. It can be done by any physical or virtual input device, there is a left-hand section for inputting the data.


This Module is used for Searching. You just need to press Enter after entering the data. It checks the data whether is correct or false and is it in the database of the API or not. It will search all over the world for that location.


This module is used for providing results of the search whether it is an error or a correct output. In Output we get the temperature in Celsius, the possibility of rain, weather status, location, and is a location found or not.

Future scope

This Web App is designed keeping in mind the current requirements of the Minor Project. It can be easily changed for future upgrades or adaptions.

Some of the enhancements can be:

  • Show more data or information about weather.
  • Increase in Limit of API Request.
  • More Attractive and flexible front end, so it can adapt to the changes in screen sizes easily.
  • Can add Feature of showing weather status of Multiple Routes as well as single Location.

Download Project Report File for Weather ForeCast NodeJs Web App free. Download the Whole Project without any coding efforts.

Guys, if you have any queries regarding this project or doubts then don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you in every possible way.

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