How to Install GCAM on an Android Smartphone

Want to install gcam on an android smartphone? Well, nowadays it is very simple and easy to install google camera on any android smartphone other than google. Let’s see what we need to do.

Why does one need to install GCAM on an android Smartphone?

Well, Pixel Phones are known for their camera specifications and the way they handle the exposure and skin tone of objects. Most of us are fans of the Pixel series. But google smartphones are not cheap and not everyone can purchase them.

The main reason is to get the experience of GCAM on non-pixel, non-google devices or on a low-end budget smartphone.

Is it possible to install gcam on every android smartphone?

No, it’s not possible to install it on any device. The Smartphone on which we want to install it needs to support Camera2api support. If a smartphone has LEVEL3 Access to camera2api then only it is possible.

If your phone doesn’t support it then you need root access to install gcam on your device.

Google Camera is very popular because of its night sight too. Well, the list of its feature is so long.

Steps to Install GCAM on an android device

All Developers/Modders
  • Choose the app apk you want to install on your phone from GCamHub. There are lots of developers putting effort into it.
  • Select the English version apk for English, for Samsung, there is a Samsung package of the app, and so on.
install gcam on an android smartphone
  • Download and install it after selection.
  • Check Properly if the downloaded version is working properly or not. If not then download the configured file for your phone. If it still doesn’t work then change the developer and try another one.
Configs File

Should you use Modded GCAM?

Well, it depends on you. If your stock camera is not powerful enough then yes you can use it. But if you think that my stock camera app is up to the mark then it is not recommended. But most of the YouTubers think that the night sight of the gcam is the best. And the exposure, HDR effect in GCam is way better than other smartphones of the same segment.

Latest GCAM on Realme 10 Pro+ 5G

Realme 10 Pro+ 5g have Cam2api access. I have tried many modders apks in it. Some of them work pretty well but some don’t.

Download Best GCAM for Realme 10 Pro+Plus:

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