Google Pixel 6A Battery Draining Fast Android 13, 12

Purchased a new Google Phone but having problems with it like the battery draining fast, and the battery dropping without usage. Don’t worry this post might help you if you have a Google phone, especially a Google Pixel 6a. Google Pixel 6a battery draining fast is a very heated topic after the android 13 updates.

I recently purchased a Google Pixel 6a that comes with android 12 out of the box. In Android 12, the battery seems to be ok and runs perfectly. But got a major update after two days of usage which is Android 13. Now the battery is not up to the mark and discharges early compared to Android 12. Screen on-Time was reduced by 2 to 3 hours compared to the previous android version. Moreover, the battery automatically discharges without any usage. It also dropped by 5% to 7% overnight.

Solved: Google Pixel 6A Battery Draining Fast

But first, let’s understand the reasons why the battery is draining or dropping

  • It could be due to some features running in the background like gestures, taps, Now Playing, etc.
  • In some scenarios, it can be due to the bad health of the battery.
  • Or it could be due to any hardware fault, Weak Network Signals.

Probably there are a number of reasons that can affect the battery. But don’t worry do what I’m going to tell you here and you will definitely get the solution to your problem.

google pixel 6a battery draining Solution 1

Can be done on any Appliance which is running on a rechargeable battery and I’m 100% so sure that it would eliminate 95% of the problems that you had with your battery.

Steps that need to follow to work it out:

  1. Charge your device to 100% in one go (without removing the charger until it is 100%).
  2. Now use it until it gets to 0% or automatically shut off. (Keep in mind you have to discharge or use the battery till it is zero without charging it). Means 100% to 0%.
  3. When it shutdowns, then charge it again to 100% in one go without removing the charger until it is fully charged. This will help you surely.

The above method helps in improving your battery health and backup.

google pixel 6a battery draining Solution 2

  1. Go to Settings of your Google Pixel 6A device.
  2. Click on Battery Option.
  3. Select Adaptive Preferences.
  4. Turn on Adaptive Charging and Battery Mode.
  5. Go Back and check Battery Usage (especially background usage).
  6. Restrict the apps that use the battery in the background. Just click on the app it will ask on the next screen to choose between three options, just select the restricted one.

I personally tried all the methods and they give us tremendous results if used appropriately.

google pixel 6a battery draining Solution 3

This is the most basic method and it depends on your device optimization.

  1. Restart your device (Sometimes restarting a phone works perfectly as it closes all the applications and processes which eliminates the unnecessary applications that use the battery). Though this method is temporary.
  2. Stop all the unnecessary features that you don’t need or want to use. Like Taps, Gestures, Now Playing, etc.
  3. Optimize your phone. Just use basic functionalities that you need in day-to-day life.

These methods work for me. I hope you will also get the same result.

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